Lovely Sensei – Chapter 2 [Nomura high]

Ding Dong*

The sound of the bell!!! which mean that the gate are closing… Sh!t i have to jump over the fence near the sport ground.

I grab the fence and jump over it

Touki: “Hup! here we go”

When i look up, i see 2 people’s exchanging something, since i didn’t wear my glasses i couldn’t see it properly but the glare sent a cold down my spine. My body started to run without thinking.

Person 1: “SH!T!!! did he see it? Oi let’s go”

Person 2: “ye-yeah! let’s go before something bad happen to us”

The three of us ran from the sport ground to the sport hall, when i opened the door, i could feel the glare of every students and teachers in the room.

Person 1: “O-oi! we be in dip sh!t if he found us, Come on run!”

Person 2: “I don’t think we have to run anymore”

Person 1: “Why?”

Person 2: “Because he is already he-here”

Person 2 spoke with a shaky voice, when i turn around i could see a yakuza (Japanese Mafia) glaring at us with full rage

The three of us fall on the ground without effort to escapes this situation, but we heard a called coming toward us it was the principal

Principal: “Oh my, Oh my! aren’t you guys putting quite an effort to run here, i admire young peoples who struggle to do what they admire, Mr.Yakuza you can give them a lesson later on but right now let those gentleman get in they’re class. All right?”

Yakuza: “Tch. All right Mr.Principal but i am called YAZUKA and not YAKUZA! It’s been 15 years since i”ve worked here and you still call me Yakuza”

Principal: “R-Really? Meh, don’t sweat the small stuff and let’s get back in assembly already”

I could feel the rage of Yakuza-sensei on his face but the worst part is that there an X scar mark on his face which make the blood a bit more visible on scar face, truthfully i was scared and while i was shaking i could hear a girl scream which snap his vision back.

Yakuza-sensei lean his face toward us

Yakuza: “Assembly.Finish.Lunch.Office.Understand?”

The three of us were nodding on his words, it was short but i could understand the meaning behind them, i believe he meant after the assembly is finish and first period is done, we should go to his office.

When he saw us nodding he stood up and started to walk to his seat where the other teachers sits.

After that the assembly was so quiet that you could hear the noise that were usually  ignore.

Ding Dong*

???: “Bwahahahahaha! Touki you got called by Yakuza-sensei, if you don’t go now, he might go at you’re house and chopped you a$$”

Touki:” Shut up already, i am going now!”

The one that laugh was the class president called Kai Krush, believe it or not but Kai love to laugh at peoples misfortune if i had to said i don’t like him because whenever somebody in class answer a question from the teacher wrongly, he just laugh at them.

He a Jack of all-trade in big, good at sport, good at studying and good look. If he didn’t have that rotten personality he be chased by 100 of girls but because of his personality, not many want to be near him.

On my way to the office i could see two peoples talking with each other’s, the closer i got the more details i could hear.

Person 1: “Sh!t! it’s because of you that we are here”

Person 2: ” me? you told me to at this location today”

Person 1: “My secrets spot have nothing to do with this, you told me that the morning there be nobody, especially when there that old man assembly”

Person 2: “How should i know that there be an idiot jumping over a fence this late”

Touki: “Yeah, i am also curious why there was two idiots playing with a book while there was assembly”

I casually join their conversation but my voice was cold since i snap when i heard they call me an idiot.

Person 1: “ha-haha-hahahaha! welcome my friend, tell me which one do you prefer, Breast or Butt?”

Person 2:”Oi Jimmy! Don’t ask him like that, it’s supposed to be Butt or breast!”

Jimmy: “Shut up! breast are better than butt anyway, so you can butt away now Josh”

Josh: “Shut up! you’ve been staring at girls without even looking straight you breast freak!”


Touki:”Oi Oi Oi! don’t tell me the book you’ve covered this morning was that kind of book!”

Jimmy & Josh:” Of course it was, why else would we talk about this in the corner of school and now which side are you?”

There was brief moment of silence before i snap

Touki:”are you sh!tting me! do you know i got called just because of a stupid porn mag you guys have been arguing!”

My voice could be heard from afar and some students just let a little scream before running away while those two were in a seiza position on the floor. (Seiza is a japanese pose quite difficult to do for a long time)

When the entourage was gone, a door was opening and we could see the teacher figure approaching with a ruler and hit the three of us at a lighting speed

Jimmy: “Ouch”

Josh:” Ugh”

Touki: “Tch”

When he hit us the top half of the ruler was gone and couldn’t be seen anywhere around the hall.

Yakuza:”Get in”

The three of us started to walk inside the room and saw him toss the bottom half of the ruler in the bin where other rulers with missing half were seen

Josh: “Holy Cow”

Yakuza Glared at us with vicious eyes and started talking

before noticing it, we’ve wasted our 2 period listening to that Yakuza talking about school rules also Jimmy got 30 laps to run since he slept on Yakuza-sensei lecture.

Before even knowing it, we got called the Baka-Trio by the students who saw the accident at the sport hall assembly and when i was arguing with the two of them.


Shin was playing musical chairs with his Classmates, seem while Touki was getting lecture Shin was taking a nap with the other students of Nomaru Elementary.


Thank you for reading this, since i am on a 2 weeks holidays i tried to make use to it has much as possible so please look forward to it. 😀

Lovely Sensei – Chapter 1 [Encounter]

On the first day of school, i Touki Kazama is walking with my little brother called Shin Kazama to drop him off to school “Nomaru Elementary”.

Both of my parents aren’t separated or anything they are just oversea to look out for each others but PLEASE DON’T FORGET YOU’RE OWN KIDS!!!

My dad is Japanese while my mother is half Japanese and half French. It make me a quarter french and the rest Japanese. Since my dad is working overseas my mother was worry about dad so she went to his place but the following day they sent a message saying.

Mom and Dad: “Hey Touki, just wanted to let you know that you’re father and I will be staying in Australia for his job and i be staying with him, take care of you’re little brother and love you, mom and dad

PS: Don’t forget to take pictures of our little boy”

I was really shock on that day so i am walking my little brother to school but thanks goodness it’s a 20 minutes walk from my school.

Oh almost forgot but i am a senior at Nomaru High which it be my last year at Nomaru but for my little brother it will be his first year at school.

Shin: “Nii-chan, can i hold you’re hand?”

Touki: “Of course”

Shin smile happily while holding my hand, must be because he worry about his first day at school.

On the way to his school i saw a lot of parents dropping they’re children, i kind of feel out of the place but Shin was smiling so i cannot betrayed his expectation.

Touki: ” You’re ready to go Shin?”

Shin: “Yas” (Yes)

While i was walking toward his class i spotted a young teacher walking nervously around and fall on the grounds.

???: “NOOOOOOO!!!!!”

I started to pick up  some of the fallen papers while reading some of the sentence and then i noticed something on it.

Touki: “Look Shin, you be in Class 1-Purple, isn’t that you’re favorite color.”

Shin: “Yay! purple” Screaming in the hallway.

When the girl heard us, she started to jump freak out a bit.

???: Fueee!!! Let me introduce myself i am Megane Red, It’s nice to meet you Shin” Smile worriedly

Shin move a step back and hide behind me, well he is shy at first but he is good kid at heart.

Touki: “Come on Shin said hi, also it’s nice to meet you i am Shin brother, my name is Touki nice to meet you Megane-sensei”

She was looking a bit nervously but extend her hand while looking on the floor and said:

Megane: “Nice to meet you too… Touki-san”

Somehow she feel nervous but i hope she soft up a bit towards us in the future.

When Shin saw us shaking hand a bit he stared at us for a bit while wondering what to do, i better leave Shin with her so he can less nervous toward his classmate.

Touki: “Well then i pick you up tonight Shin”

Shin nodded on my words and started to follow his teacher in class while holding his bag nervously. haha! soon he be surround it by friends but that teacher seem like it’s her first time being a teacher to be that nervous.

while i was thinking about Shin future and Shin sensei i looked up at the clock and frozen stiff for a second

Touki: “I can’t be late on my first day of school, i put a bad example for Shin but worse i have to clean up the classroom for being late.”


Sensei POV (Point Of View)

Fueeeeeee, i talked with a man, haha! mama going to be proud of me when i tell her that i hold a conversation for 5 minutes.

Megane red was always been at a all school girls because of her uneasiness being next to a boy because of that she never had a part time job and always been frozen stiff towards male at her job but she decide to step up because she wanted to be model for her students and that she shouldn’t be afraid of males.

By the way she stop being afraid of little boys which make her feel a bit of success inside of her and decide to step up one at a time and At Nomaru Elementary there more females staff and barely any males staff since more of the males staff are used to called for doing physical works such as repairing roof, walls and such.

All right i will make Touki my first male friend since his little brother is in my class, while looking at Shin.

Shin felt a cold shiver on his back and wanted to go at his brother place. (Be strong Shin)


End of the first chapters hope you like it also if you believe that there something wrong with my writing inbox me so i can fix up also i would like to apologies for English since it’s my second language.

My New [One Shot] Light Novel

I have always been interested into making a novel, i always wonder what peoples  would think about my story, my ideas, y preference, so today i make a Light Novel from Scratch and see if you bunch will love it ^^ i am a no name author who hope you who is reading this will love it 🙂